Cost and Dues

The dues for Pack 432 is $8.50 per month ($99 per year).  Of that amount, $3.75 ($45 per year) goes to the National BSA (Boy Scouts of America) and the remaining $4.50 goes to the Pack ($54 per year).

Additional Costs

The Pack will fund or subsidize some but not all of the events.  We will provide scouts ample opportunity to raise money during several fundraising events.  More information on fundraising can be found below.

Financial Assistance

Finances should never be an obstacle to join Cub Scouts.  The Pack and BSA will work with any family to make it affordable to any family.  Please speak with a Pack Leader for information.

Fund Raising

Fundraising events are optional for Scouts.  We find that some families prefer to pay to participate and others appreciate the opportunity to raise money.  The Pack will provide the scouts with enough fundraising opportunities to fund all of your Scouts activities.

The fundraising opportunities are not only a chance to raise money.  They are also a character and skill building opportunity. In fact what they learn in fundraising is far more valuable than the money earned.